Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love found me

When I'm alone, when I'm down
When I'm in trouble, where there is no sound
It seems all so hopeless, it seems so unfair
Is there an answer? I'm unaware
I fall on my knees, I said a little prayer
Hoping that the Jesus I know
Would show me when and where
I listen and I wait, hearing nothing but the air
I can't keep on running, there's just so much to bear

Where can I find meaning, I have lost my way
Where can I find reason, the strength to live this day?
I search beyond the mountain
I look deep in the sea
I wish that I found something
I wish that I found me
As I open my eyes, tears fell down my cheek
I saw that dusty big old book, once gave light to things I seek
Remembering the good and the bad times
I thought I was alone
The words: "I gave My life for you, child"
on that rugged tree of love

Love gives me the meaning
Love shows me the way
Love gives me the reason, the strength to live this day
Love beyond the mountain
deeper than the sea
Love gives me that something
This love has found me

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